Posted by NationalACH on Sep 12, 2011

Accept Checks Online to Boost Orders

By 2014, more than 35% of all internet purchases will be paid for with a payment option other than cards.  After card payments, electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment method online.

Most ecommerce sites have card payments.  Yet, surprisingly, less than 30% of internet merchants offer echecks at checkout.  If you do not have echecks as a payment option, you are throwing away money.

When you provide a pay-by-check option at checkout, you get sales from customers to do not have cards, are maxed out on cards, or simply prefer to pay with a direct debit from a bank account.  Echecks are the easiest and fastest way to increase orders.

More than 90% of US shoppers have bank accounts and can pay you with an electronic check.  Less than 70% of Americans have cards.  And of those with cards, 25% have no credit or money remaining on the cards.

Echecks Rescue Sales

If you offer only card payments, you are losing orders.  By adding electronic checks as a payment option, you get sales from customers that do not have cards.

And, if a card is declined, an echeck payment option gives you another way to capture the sales.  Rather than having the customer leave your site, accepting an electronic check gives you a way to get an order that otherwise would have been lost.

You make more money.  And provide satisfaction to your customer.  Everybody wins with echecks.

Save Money on Processing with Electronic Checks

Electronic checks save merchants 50-80% over the cost of card payments.

For example, standard ecommerce rates for electronic checks are 1% plus a small per transaction fee.  Compare this with card processing where rates can be 2.5% or more plus transaction fees.


The more payment options your offer, the sales you make.

Electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment method for American consumers. Millions of US shoppers regularly purchase online with electronic checks.

If you don't accept checks online, you risk losing sales to your competitors that do. Electronic checks are convenient for customers.  And profitable for you.

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