Posted by NationalACH on Jan 13, 2021
Echeck Payment Processing

Echeck processing for high-risk merchants.  Great solution for companies that need greater flexibility for higher returns and revokes than permitted by the ACH network.  Or for high-risk merchants that cannot obtain ACH processing due to industry type. 

High Revokes or High Returns?  No Problem.

ACH payments are a good option for merchants that have low returns and few revoked transactions.  Still, many high-risk merchants cannot maintain 0.5% revokes and 15% returns as required by NACHA, the governing body of the ACH network.

Now high-risk merchants have an proven effective alternative to ACH processing.  Our special echeck platform gives you far greater flexibility for higher revokes (chargebacks) and returned transactions than any other payment method.

Easily accept echecks online. Or use a virtual terminal to process MOTO transactions. 

High risk merchants that do not qualify for ACH accounts due to industry type also benefit from the special echeck platform.  Now, you can enjoy increased sales from buyers who want to pay you with echecks.  With a processor who welcomes industries that ACH processors do not. 

Top Benefits to High-Risk Merchants

Echeck Payment Processing
Echeck Payment Processing

Here are the reasons high-risk merchants chose the special platform for echeck processing.

  • Unlimited Processing Volumes. You have no caps on monthly volumes.  Access the processing capacity you need to grow your business.
  • Multiple Banks Connected to the Platform. Eliminate the reliance on a single bank.  Ensures payment processing continues uninterrupted.  Mitigates processing risk.
  • Flexibility on Returns & Revokes. No worries about compliance with ACH ratios.  High returns or revokes?  No problem.
  • Perfect for Restricted Industries. Unable to obtain an ACH account due to your industry?  No worries.  Now you have a solution.   
  • Superior Customer Support. Dedicated account manager ensures you get the help you need when you need it.
  • Multichannel Processing. Accept WEB payments via API integration. Accept MOTO transactions with a virtual terminal.  Or batch upload files to a secure FTP site.
  • Online Reporting. Track the status of all transactions in real time.

How the Echeck Platform Works

The customer experience is the same at checkout as with ACH.  Customers chose to pay you with an echeck rather than a card.

The more payment options you offer at checkout, the more sales you make. High risk merchants that offer echecks as a payment option increase sales up to 30%.  With no additional work. 

The echeck platform for high-risk merchants is designed to protect your business and your bank account.  All transactions clear through the processor’s bank account.  The processor assumes liability for revokes and returns.

Cleared funds settle to your bank account through an ACH credit.  Protecting your business bank account from returns and revoked transactions. 

Compare this to companies that simply create substitute checks for deposit to your bank account for clearing. 

Depositing checks to your business bank account rarely works out well for high-risk merchants.  When banks see revokes and returns in a business account, the account is flagged.  And you risk losing your business operating account.  Scrambling to find a new operating account is a nightmare you don’t want to experience. 


High risk merchants needing greater flexibility for higher returns and revokes are a perfect fit for the high-risk merchant echeck payment processing platform.  Also great for high-risk merchants that cannot obtain ACH processing due to industry type.  Proven reliable echeck processing platform gives you the solution you need to process echecks successfully.

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