Posted by NationalACH on Mar 20, 2015
Check 21

Echecks Boost Sales

Echecks are the most popular alternative payment method for US buyers. High risk processing with electronic checks increases your sales and profits.

Echecks are an excellent solution for high risk merchants.  Echecks are processed through bank-to-bank date exchange based on Check 21 technology.  Echecks offer high risk merchants significant benefits compared to ACH processing.  

Echecks are also a valuable option for international merchants that want to accept electronic checks from US buyers. International merchant accounts for echeck processing are readily available for global ecommerce merchants targeting the lucrative American marketplace. 

Benefits of E Check Payments

Echecks transaction payment data is received electronically. The check processor clears the funds through its bank account.  Cleared funds are settled to your business bank account

The user experience paying with an echeck is the same as for an ACH payment.  At checkout, customers provide bank routing and account numbers rather than card numbers.  

Funds are electronically debited from buyers' bank accounts.  Cleared funds are deposited to your business bank account.

Electronic check transactions clear within one to two business days, much faster than ACH payments.  And, echecks give you far greater flexibility for revokes and returned transactions than do ACH payments.  

Can Buyers Chargeback E Check Transactions?

Other than cash or wire transfers, there is no absolute protection against customers that are set on fraudulently disputing a transaction. Even a paper check at point of sale can be cancelled or a customer can claim the transaction was not valid.

With an echeck, a consumer legally has 40 days to dispute a transaction (compared to 60 days for ACH payment processing). There is a detailed process that the consumer must follow to dispute the transaction.

With echecks,  the customer must dispute a transaction with their own bank and file the necessary documentation. It’s a paperwork intensive process.  Documents must be submitted. Affidavits may be required.

Far fewer consumers are willing to go through the time consuming and frustrating hassle of filing a dispute with the bank. This is particularly true for smaller transactions. The risk for chargebacks is much less with an echeck compared to cards.  

E Check Payment Processing

It is much easier for high risk merchants to establish an echeck account than one for cards.  And rates are often lower than those for card processing.  

You can process echeck transactions

  • through an API integration to your website
  • by virtual terminal for check by phone phone and mail orders
  • and though a batch upload to an FTP site


Electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment method for US shoppers. Millions of Americans regularly purchase goods & services with electronic checks.

Accept checks online.  Accept check by phone, mail, & fax orders.  Convenient for buyers. Profitable for you.

Are you a high risk merchant that wants to increase profits while reducing payment processing risk?

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