Posted by NationalACH on Apr 05, 2010

Electronic check imaging is exploding.  What started as a small trickle has now become a massive flood.

Large companies have been using Check 21 electronic check imaging also known as remote deposit capture ever since the law was first implemented a a few years ago.  Now businesses all over are demanding remote deposit capture services from their banks.  The savings in time and money and increases in productivity are all reasons why remote deposit capture has become so hugely popular

The latest development is that remote deposit capture is now available to home businesses and consumers.  There is a home-based remote deposit capture service fact will allow banks to accept paper check deposits and build payments by a camera-equipped mobile phone.

The homes of business users represent a natural expansion of the service.  The trend in moving from corporate through midsize to small business accounts down to the consumers is inevitable.  Consumers want the latest in convenience and ease of use which is what remote deposit capture provides them.

Yes, we are all becoming a nation of couch potatoes.  None of us want to drive to the bank even if it is to deposit a paper check that means money for us.  Instead want to take a picture off the check on our cell phone sent it to the bank and have the money appear magically in our account.

What I'm now waiting for is a way that I can be deposit my paper check into my virtual world on virtual world Second Life.  Then I can access my real money from my virtual bank to spend in my virtual world and in the real world.  Amazing times we live in.

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