Posted by NationalACH on Dec 04, 2009

A new report titled the 2009-2010 Payments Processing Benchmark Study has just been released by Taipi . Interesting highlights include:

  • The Federal Reserve Bank System is encouraging migration from paper to image-based check clearing by increasing the fees for clearing paper checks. There are now only 4 sites for clearing sites for paper checks is now in paper check as compared to 45 just a few years ago.
  • Check 21 remote deposit capture and image clearing are gaining ground as alternatives to paper-based systems. Image replacement clearing will continue to affect the economics of the remittance processing industry in the coming years.
  • Advances in image extraction and one-pass processing combined with Check 21 deposits provide more benefits than ACH or image deposits alone.
  • ACH ARC payment processing peaked at 2.7 billion payments in 2008 and will be lower than that for 2009.
  • Paper check volumes are continuing to decrease. However, tens of billions of paper checks will continue to be written annually by consumers and businesses for bill payment. Processing paper checks are still very cheap compared to the cost of processing a debit or credit card payments.
  • Online bill payments and emerging mobile payments will transform the payments mix for billers. The new technologies offer new opportunities but add complexity as customers, banks and billers respond to an array of payment processing options.

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