Posted by NationalACH on Dec 28, 2010

Flat File Uploads 

Flat file uploads for Check 21 and ACH payments are also called bulk or batch processing.  Batch processing automates processing.   Uploading a bulk file is fast, easy, and less prone to errors than is manual entry.

There are many reasons a company chooses to upload a flat file.  For example, some companies want to review batches before uploading.  Other companies process high volumes of transactions and want to eliminate the labor and time involved in keying in transactions.

Some companies combine flat file bulk processing and electronic check processing through a virtual terminal.  For example, your accounts receivable department may submit batch files; your sales representatives may transmit keyed entries.

How Batch Files are Processed

Flat file integration transmits payments information along with the associated data files through a secure FTP server.  The server than transmits the information over the internet to the processor’s application program interface.  Several file formats can be used, with the most common being comma-delimited.

Once the ayments file is uploaded, a confirmation that the transactions were received is sent back.  All uploaded transactions can be viewed and managed through a secure website accessed by login and password. Customized files can easily be imported into internal software systems.

A wide variety of information is available on transactions including but not limited to:

  • One-time and recurring Check 21 and ACH payments transactions
  • 3rd party check verification
  • ACH payments and Check 21 return files
  • NACHA return files
  • Invoice data and images for online bill payments
  • Statement data and images for online bill payments
  • Account balance inquiries

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