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Posted by admin on Dec 28, 2010

Flat File Uploads Flat file uploads for Check 21 and ACH payments are also called bulk or batch processing.  Batch processing automates processing.   Uploading a bulk file is fast, easy, and less prone to errors than is manual entry.There are many reasons a company chooses to upload a flat..

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Posted by admin on Dec 18, 2010

High Risk Processing with Check 21Check 21 provides an excellent solution for high risk merchants who want to accept checks online or take a check by phone. Check 21 technology is particularly beneficial for companies that are unable to keep chargebacks under the 0.5% threshold required by NACHA..

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Posted by admin on Dec 04, 2009

A new report titled the 2009-2010 Payments Processing Benchmark Study has just been released by Taipi . Interesting highlights include:The Federal Reserve Bank System is encouraging migration from paper to image-based check clearing by increasing the fees for clearing paper checks. There are now..

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