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Posted by admin on Mar 15, 2010

Authorization for Online ACH ProcessingACH payment processing authorization is required with specific language that authorizes a merchant to process an electronic payment ACH debit transaction on behalf of the consumer. This provides a sample ACH authorization and confirmation for merchants that..

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Posted by admin on Oct 22, 2009

Three-quarters of online economic users - those Americans who use the internet to keep up with news about the economic recession or their own personal finances - go online to relax and take their minds off of the recession, according to a 2009 survey by the Pew Research Center's Internet &..

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Posted by admin on Sep 18, 2009

More Payment Options Equal More SalesThe more payment options an you offer at checkout, the more sales you make.  Echecks are the most popular alternative payment method for US shoppers. Millions of shoppers regularly purchase goods and services online with electronic checks.  Cards and..

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