Posted by NationalACH on Sep 25, 2014
High Risk Merchants

E Checks for More Sales

Offering electronic checks (echecks) as a payment option gives you an easy way to increase sales.  The more ways customers have to pay you, the more orders you will receive.  

Echecks electronically debit payments from customer’s bank accounts and automatically deposit the funds into the merchant’s bank.  Electronic checks are safe, secure and convenient payment method that lift sales up to 20%.

Echecks let you accept payments from customers that do not have cards, are maxed out on cards or who simply prefer to pay with an electronic check. The fast growth of internet bill payment has built a strong trust in the echeck payment method.  These days, customers expect to be able to pay online with an echeck for all types of goods and services.

Yet, despite the growth of online check transactions, more than half of internet retailers still do not offer the payment option at checkout.  If you do not accept echecks, you are giving away your profits to your competitors that do.

Let’s face it.  There’s endless competition on the internet for customers.  Your competition is only a click away.  Don’t risk losing a customer because you don’t accept electronic checks as a payment option on your checkout page.

Echecks for High Risk Merchants

Echecks are particularly valuable for high risk merchants.  Processing rates are substantially lower than rates for cards, saving money on operating expenses.

Establishing a Check 21 or ACH merchant account is easier than setting up a card merchant account.  Accounts are approved and ready to go quickly.

Payments made with electronic checks create a more stable cash flow for high risk merchants with recurring or subscription billing models.   Customers rarely change bank accounts.  Revenues flow on a continual basis without the need to update information.

Compare this with card processing.  Each year, one in five cards is reissued due to data breaches, expired cards, or other issues.  Merchants then must update card information or recurring payments are jeopardized.


It's common sense.  The more ways shoppers can pay you, the more sales you make. 

Electronic checks are the most trusted alternative payment method. Millions of American shoppers regularly pay for goods and services with an echeck.

Accept checks online. Accept check by phone, mail and fax orders. Convenient for buyers. Profitable for you.

Do you want to increase sales and profits with echeck processing?

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