Posted by NationalACH on Aug 02, 2013

What is an Echeck Account?

Echecks are the most popular alternative payment method for US consumers. Millions of Americans regularly purchase goods & services with electronic checks rather than cards.

An echeck account gives you the ability to accept checks online.  Or accept check by phone, mail or fax orders. 

Electronic check processing automatically debits payments from customers' bank accounts.  And deposits the funds to your business bank account.

Applying for an Electronic Check Processing

It is far easier to obtain echeck processing than card merchant accounts. Companies in all in industries, including high risk merchants. are quickly approved by electronic check processors.  

Applying for an ACH, Check 21, or echeck account is similar to applying for card accounts.  You submit an application along with supporting documents.  The bank will request information on your company, processing statements, and identification for the signer on the account.  

Tips for Echeck Account Approval

These days, underwriters Google the name of the business as well as the owners / officers of the company.  Managing your reputation online is one of the smartest things you can do to make sure your application has the optimal chance of approval.

Surprisingly, most businesses never Google themselves.  Yet, it’s the easiest way to see what the rest of the world is finding out about you.  And gives you the opportunity to be proactive, not reactive, to negative news.

As an example, there was a large attorney firm that applied for a merchant account.  On the surface, all looked okay.  But, the firm had a Cease & Desist order in one state.  The reason was due to a miscalculation in the response time required to respond.

The reason could have been explained and corrected prior to the application for the merchant account being filed.  There would have then been no “surprises” and the account could have been quickly approved.  Instead, the lack of disclosure of the information caused the processor to deny the application.

Check all negative listings about your company and people.  If negative customer posts are in forums or blogs, make sure to respond.  If customer problems were resolved, let readers know.   And if a problem could not be resolved, give the facts from your point of view.


In today’s connected world, there is no reason not to know everything that is being written about your company.  In fact, many companies now employ specialized firms to manage online-reputations,  Information may be power but proper management of online information about you and your company gives you real control over that power.

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