Posted by NationalACH on Jun 22, 2010

These days, non-profits and charitable organizations need to offer multiple ways to make donations in order to bring in as much money as possible. 

Naturally, every non-profit needs to take credit card payments.  Yet, adding ACH payments is easy way to make get more donations from givers who do not have cards, prefer not to use cards, or simply prefer to pay by direct bank transfer.

With an ACH merchant account, non-profits can accept ACH payments online, by phone, fax, or by mail. 

Recurring billing for ACH payments enables donations to be made on an ongoing basis, making it simple for givers to contribute regularly.  Recurring billing encourages donors to contribute more, since payments are spread out over a period of time.

ACH payment processing fees are much less than accepting credit cards, savings that increase value of each charitable contribution.  And the risk of chargebacks from ACH payments is negligible, compared to credit card processing.

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