Posted by NationalACH on Apr 26, 2011

Blast Your Competors with Echecks

Let’s face facts.  Your customers have lots of places to shop online and buy the same or similar products you are selling.

How are you going to beat your competition and still make money?  Basic business sense dictates you must increase the number of orders you receive.  And, at the same time, reduce the cost of each sale.

Echeck processing helps you do both.

When you accept checks online, you get orders from customers that don't have cards or are maxed out on cards, but can pay you with an echeck.  And many US shoppers simply prefer to pay for goods & services with electronic checks rather than cards. 

How Many Orders are You Losing Daily?

Sure, it’s important to accept credit card payments on your website.  But, if cards are the only payment option you offer your customers, your throwing away sales.

Overall, 30% of US households do not have credit cards.  In certain demographic segments of the population, particularly among minorities, the number of households without cards is as high as 50%.  Yet 95% of American households have a bank account and can use an echeck to pay you.

If you do not accept checks online, shoppers without cards have no way to buy from you.  When you offer echecks as an alternative payment method, those lost shoppers turn into buyers.

Reduce Cost of Sales & Increase Your Profit Margin

Credit card payment processing fees are expensive.   Credit card companies typically assess you fees of 2-5% of your total transaction to use their services, as a combination of discount rates, per item fees, and other charges. These excessive costs drive up the expense of every sale and drag down your profits.

Rates for electronic check processing are lower than card transactions because there are no interchange fees to consider as with card processing. These savings add up big time. Depending on the average cost of the product or service you are selling, you save 50-80% over card processing rates.

Drastically reducing your cost of sales.  And increasing your profit margins on every sale paid for with electronic checks.

Protect Recurring and Subscription Billing Income

Echecks are particularly beneficial for companies that have subscription or recurring billing models.  Electronic check processing stops revenue leakage and protects income.

Consider this.  One in every five credit & debit cards are reissued every year.  Cards are reissued for many reasons including expiration dates, loss or theft, bank mergers, data breaches, and card upgrades.

Every time a card is reissued, the recurring payment data associated with that card must be updated as well.   An expensive and time-consuming undertaking for any company.  And every time you contact a customer for a card update, you take an unnecessary chance that the customer will simply cancel.

Compare this to echecks.  Bank accounts rarely change.  Once established, buyers keep the same bank accounts for years. 

Payments made with electronic checks create a stable, long-term income stream for you.  Protecting recurring payments revenue with no extra effort on your part.  


More than 30% of ecommerce sites offer echecks as an alternative payment method. If you don't accept checks online, you risk losing a sale to your competitors who do.

Electronic checks get you more orders, reduce processing expense, and stabilize cash flow from recurring payments.

Echecks are convenient for your customers.  And profitable to you.

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