Posted by NationalACH on Oct 24, 2010

Want More Orders. Accept Checks Online

Global ecommerce companies that target the US market often ask “Can we add electronic checks as a payment option to capture more sales from US buyers even if our company is not located in the US?”

The answer to the question is yes.  International companies can establish ACH payments and Check 21 electronic check processing accounts in the US.

Ecommerce companies in Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and other parts of the world that want to get more orders from US shoppers routinely add echecks on the checkout page.  

The benefits of having echecks as an alternative payment methods on your checkout page are well known.

Benefit of Electronic Checks

Most global ecommerce merchants are well aware of the necessity of having local payment options. The more ways customers can pay you, the more sales you make.

In the US, electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment method. Millions of Americans routinely use echecks to make purchases online.

More than 30% of Americans do not have cards or are maxed out on cards. Yet 95% of US households have a bank account and can pay you with an electronic check.

Applying for an Echeck Account

The paperwork for setting up an echeck accounts include filling out an application form and submitting standard due diligence documentation.  The documents include corporate documents from the country in which the company is established, payment processing history (if available), financial statements, and information about the products and services being sold.

Allow 14  business days from the time the paperwork is submitted for an account to be approved.  Once approved, payment processing can begin immediately.


Echecks debit funds from buyers' checking or savings accounts to pay for goods or services.  Funds are settled to your business bank account.

An echeck account gets you more sales from US shoppers.  Give buyers who do not have credit cards another way to purchase from you .

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