Posted by NationalACH on Aug 26, 2011

Electronic Checks Trusted by Buyers

Consumer acceptance of electronic checks (echecks) as an online payment option continues to rise.  Many online shoppers expect to be offered an echeck option. 

Electronic checks let buyers pay for purchases through a direct debit from a bank account. Funds are electronically debited from buyers' bank accounts and deposited to your business bank account.

One of the major forces that has increased customer demand for echecks at ecommerce sites is due to the number of people who pay monthly bills online.  More than 65 million Americans pay at least one household bill on line every month.  

As a result, millions of Americans are now comfortable paying for goods and services online with an electronic check. In fact, echecks are the most popular alternative payment method for US shoppers.  

When you accept checks online, customers have a trusted and convenient way to purchase from you.   Electronic checks account for up to 30% of all sales made through the internet.

Echecks Instead of  Cards

According to the Federal Reserve 27% of U.S households do not have credit cards.  Surprisingly, about 30% of Americans don't have debit cards either.

How are these shoppers going to buy from your site?  Echecks are the obvious solution.  More than 90% of Americans have bank accounts and can make a purchase with an electronic check.

Offering echecks gets you sales from a new demographic of  shoppers who do not to use credit or debit cards when buying online. Some of these shoppers do not have cards but do have bank accounts.  Others are maxed out on current cards, or simply prefer to pay with a direct debit from a bank account.


It’s simply common sense.  Giving your customers another way to pay you is an effective way to expand your market, improve customer satisfaction and reduce shopping cart abandonment.  All of which adds profits to your bottom line.

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