Posted by NationalACH on Mar 02, 2021
Same Day ACH Payouts

Lowest cost quick way to disburse funds to US bank accounts.  Great for high-risk merchants to payout affiliates and content creators   Fast way to disburse insurance payouts, loans, fiat crypto conversions, winnings, MLM commissions and more.

What are ACH Credits?

ACH credits are a type of electronic funds transfer.  ACH credits directly deposit funds into any US bank account. The most common use of ACH credits is for direct deposit of wages or other types of disbursements.

The ACH network is the oldest and most reliable payment network in America.  Billions of transactions successfully flow through the ACH network each year.  

In these modern times, everyone wants to get their money faster.  ACH direct deposits save you money compared to issuing paper checks or disbursing funds to debit cards.  And give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

What Types of Companies Use Same Day ACH Payouts?

Same Day ACH
Same Day ACH

NationalACH provides ACH payouts for all types of high-risk businesses.  Here are a few examples.

  • Adult Merchants. The most common use of ACH credits for adult merchants is for payouts to content creators or marketing affiliates.  Many banks refuse to offer ACH payouts to adult merchants.  Now adult merchants have a proven effective method for payouts. 
  • Lenders. Both ACH credits and debits are available for lenders.  Disburse funding quickly.  Collect loan repayments efficiently.
  • Crypto Currency Platforms. ACH debits give buyers another way to pay you, And when customers want to cash convert crypto to fiat, ACH credits are the way to go.
  • Online Gaming. Great for payouts of winnings for games of skill, online horse racing or online gaming companies operating legally in the US. 
  • Insurance Companies. ACH credits save insurance companies serious money compared to issuing paper checks for settlement of claims.  Virtual cards for payouts are also available to insurance companies who want to both save money and make money from payouts.
  • Payroll for High-Risk Merchants. Examples include payouts for employees of dispensaries, MLM companies, and deposits for US affiliates or employees by international companies. 

Benefits of ACH Credits for Payouts

Here are the top reasons high risk companies use ACH credits for payouts. 

  • Cost Effective. ACH credits are the most inexpensive way to disburse funds.
  • Easy to Use. Simply provide the information on who gets paid and when. Automated efficiency saves you time and effort.
  • Superior Reporting. Track all payouts in real time.  Robust management tools for easy administration.  Import / export payment data to your internal accounting systems to boost productivity and lower expenses. 
  • Competitive Advantage. Americans are used to fast payments.  Offering same day ACH payments give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  And costs far less than issuing a paper check or pushing the payment to a debit card. 
  • High Merchants Welcome. Payouts for all merchants classified as high risk. Standard risk merchants are also welcome.    

What Are Same Day ACH Credits?

Same day ACH credits are perfect for direct deposit of funds to US bank accounts.  Payouts submitted by 2 pm eastern time are deposited in the receivers’ the same day. Or the morning of the next business day if payout files are submitted after 2 pm.

ACH credits need to be “cleared funds” prior to sending.  In other words, the money to be disbursed must have no risk of being returned.  

For this reason, merchants fund and replenish reserve accounts so funds can be quickly disbursed with no risk of returns.  Reserve accounts are generally funded and replenished via a wire or reverse wire.  The reserve account ensures that funds are quickly disbursed.    


Disbursing funds via ACH credits is the low-cost way to pay employees, affiliates, content creators, gig workers, and direct sales associates.  Other uses of ACH credits is payouts of insurance settlements, winnings, brokerage payouts, loan funding, and any other type of remittances.  NationalACH specializes in high volume payouts for high-risk and standard risk merchants.

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