Posted by NationalACH on Sep 15, 2014
recurring billing

ACH for high risk merchants is an easy way to get more sales from recurring billing models and subscription sales. High risk merchants in many industries, including online entertainment, digital content, and subscription-based products benefit from ACH processing.

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House.  The ACH payment processing network is the oldest and most reliable payment system in the US.  

With ACH echecks, customers pay you directly from bank accounts.  The money is automatically transferred from the buyer’s bank account and deposited into your bank account.

You can accept ACH payments on your website or by telephone.  Integration of ACH echeck processing to your website is done through a simple API interface.  Check by phone and mail orders can be entered manually using a virtual terminal that connects to the secure banking network.

Advantages of ACH Payments for Recurring Billing

Consumers rarely change bank accounts.  Most Americans have payroll directly deposited into their bank accounts and pay monthly bills from their online banking.   Changing a bank account is simply too much of a hassle.

When a recurring payment is made via an ACH merchant account, cash flow remains stable over time.  Customers get used to seeing the transaction on their monthly statement and continue to pay you month after month.

Card processing for recurring payments is different.  Every year one in five cards get reissued.

If you follow the news, you have seen many stories on the security breaches that have caused the re-issuing of cards. Perhaps you’ve even been one of the millions affected.  In addition, cards get reissued if they are lost or when expiration dates expire.

Every time a time card gets reissued, you need to update the recurring payment information.  Which means you either have to contact the customer or have the customer contact you.  It can become a nightmare to manage.  And until the new payment information is received, you are losing revenue.

With ACH echecks, the lifetime value of your customer is increased.  You make more money.  And eliminate the need to continually update payment information.


Millions of Americans pay for goods & services with echecks.  

ACH payments are more effective than cards for recurring payments. Every year 20% of cards are reissued.  Meaning you have to update card information for a recurring card transaction to be approved.  

Consumers rarely change bank accounts.  It's simply too much hassle. Recurring payments continue uninterrupted. Protecting your cash flow & profits.

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