Posted by NationalACH on Jan 29, 2011

Electronic Checks for Ecommerce Merchants

Merchants that accept checks online reduce operating expenses, improve cash flow and streamlines business operation.    When an ecommerce merchant decides to accept checks online, the expectation is increase sales and enhanced profits.  Payment processing systems to which enable merchants to accept checks online are web-based, secure, and simple to operate.

Get These Advantages When You Accept Checks Online

  • Speed Merchants that accept checks online get the benefit of fast payment processing.  When you accept checks online, those transactions are processed ahead of paper checks, clearing ahead of paper checks written days earlier.  As a result, merchants that accept checks online get settlement of cleared funds quicker than with paper checks.  When you accept checks online, you benefit from faster access to working capital.
  • Predicable Revenues When you accept checks online, you can easily set up automated payment plans.   Customers simply enter the payment information, including the amount and duration of the payments one time and recurring payments can be authorized.  When you accept checks online, funds are automatically debited from the customer's account as scheduled, providing predictable recurring payments and income.
  • Increase Cash Flow Merchants that accept checks online help ensures that payments are fulfilled.  Automatic debits to the customer's account take away payment-delaying tactics such as the “checks in the mail”.
  • Convenience Merchant accept checks online because consumers expect the convenience of an alternative payment option.  For consumers, a merchant that accepts checks offers a time and money-saving method to make purchases.   Consumers are used to paying bills to merchants who accept checks online.  This habituated payment habit translates into consumers being comfortable making purchases from merchants that accept checks online.
  • Multiple Payment/Order Channels When merchants accept checks online, the same account can be used to accept checks by phone, mail or fax.   By broadening customer payment options by offering to accept checks online and through other payment channels, companies generate more sales, increase revenues, and realize higher profits.
  • Reduced Payment Processing Expense Merchants that accept checks online save money because payment processing fees are substantially lower than for card payments.   When merchants accept checks online, transaction processing costs are often 50-90% less than card processing fees.
  • Lower Administrative Costs Saves Money When merchants accept checks online, a company can substantially decrease costs of preparing and mailing customer invoices.  Merchants that accept checks online reduce accounts receivable follow up; lower bank fees; bad debt; collection; and administrative expenses.

Accept Checks Online with ACH Payments or Check 21

Merchants that accept checks online can use either the ACH payments network or Check 21 technology.  The ACH payments network has been functioning for over 30 years and is used by many merchants who accept checks online such as property management, insurance, utilities, government entities, and some ecommerce retailers.

Check 21 technologies can be used either by merchants in higher risk categories who accept checks online or by standard risk merchant.  Merchants that accept checks online using Check 21 technology have fewer restrictions regarding returns and revokes than the ACH payments network.

The decision to use ACH payment or Check 21 as the technology to accept checks online is determined by the particular needs of each business.  Both options are reliable, proven solutions for merchants who want to accept checks online.


When you accept checks online you get more sales. The more way shoppers can buy from you, the more money you make.

More than 30% of internet sites offer echecks as a payment option on the checkout page. If you don't accept checks online, you are losing sales to your competitors that do.

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