Posted by NationalACH on Sep 04, 2021
eCheck Payment Processing

No Card?  Echecks Save the Sale 

More than 83% of consumers shop on line at once a week or more. Yet, surprisingly, only 70% of American shoppers have credit or debit cards.

How do customers who do not have cards buy  from your website?  You'll lose the sale unless you provide an alternative to card payments on your checkout page.  The most popular alternative payment method for US buyers is electronic check processing.

Electronic checks are the fastest way to boost orders from shoppers that do not have cards.  Simply by adding echecks as a payment method on your checkout page can increase your sales up to 20%.

  • Increase Sales. Electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment method for US shoppers. Over 95% of US households have bank accounts and can pay you with an echeck.  
  • Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment. If a credit card is rejected, offer an echeck payment option. Rescue sales that otherwise would be lost.
  • Save Money on Payment Processing. Rates for electronic checks are much lower than for card processing. Saving you 50-80% over credit card processing fees.

Buyers Want to Pay with eChecks

Echecks electronically debits funds from consumers' bank accounts.  The money is automatically deposited to your business bank account.  

Will customers will use echecks?    Absolutely yes.

Consumers are familiar with electronic checks and expect to see the payment option on your checkout page.   The majority of Americans pay at least one bill monthly online with an echeck and trust the payment method. 

When you accept checks online, you extend a familiar payment method to your website.  Giving shoppers another convenient way to purchase from you.

Echecks Stabilize Recurring Billing

Echecks are an excellent payment solution for companies with recurring billing models  Echecks are far more effective at stabilizing cash flow from recurring payments than cards.  

Consumers rarely change checking accounts.  There is no reason to update payment information. Funds can be deducted from the same account for years.  Stabilizing cash flow.  While increasing the lifetime value of customers to your business.

More than 20% of cards are reissued every year.  Each time a card is reissued, card data has to be updated for a payment to be approved.  Which is expensive & time-consuming.  And, each time card payment data has to be updated, it gives customers a reason to cancel.

Electronic Checks for Ecommerce

Ecommerce merchants selling tangible products benefit from echeck processing. Although echecks don’t clear in “real time” (which will change in October, 2017 when same day ACH debits will be a reality), commerce merchants simply wait a day before shipping to be sure the transaction clears.  

Electronic check processing gives customers an alternative method to pay you if they do not have a card or are maxed out on cards.  Give your customers another chance to buy from you.

Companies that sell high ticket items such as electronics, jewelry, furniture, and luxury goods also discover echecks are a good alternative to debit cards.  Banks issuing the debit cards often limit the transaction amount allowed on the card.  If this happens, offer an electronic check payment option & save the sale.  


Offer echecks as an alternative payment method and watch your sales grow.  

Accept checks online. Accept check by phone, mail and fax orders.  You’ll be happily surprised at the number of shoppers who will use an echeck complete the order.   

Remember you'll make more sales when shoppers have different ways to pay you.  

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