Posted by NationalACH on Aug 18, 2011

Accept Checks Online & Watch Your Sales Grow

Get orders from buyers that are maxed out on cards or don't have cards. And many shoppers simply prefer to pay you with an echeck rather than a card.

Here’s 3 more ways that high risk merchants wring out more profits with electronic check processing.

Echeck Processing for Recurring Payments

Many high risk merchants have recurring billing models.  For example, it is common for adult webmasters to offer subscription billing options to customers.

Echecks trump cards in protecting profits from recurring billing.  Payments made from bank accounts are infinitely more stable than those made with cards.  People rarely change bank accounts.  Recurring payments from bank accounts can continue for years without interruption.

But, 20% of all credit and debit cards are reissued every year.  Every time a card is reissued, a high risk merchant has to update card information in order for a recurring payment to be approved.  This interrupts cash flow from recurring billing.  And contacting customers gives them an unnecessary opportunity to cancel the subscription.

High risk merchants often offer customers incentives when recurring payments are made through a bank account rather than a card to help stabilize cash flow.  Companies discover that customers are comfortable with echeck payments for recurring billing because monthly household bills are regularly paid with electronic checks. 

High Risk ACH Reduces Payment Processing Expenses

Echecks save you 50-80% compared to card processing.  Sometimes rates for echecks are priced on a flat fee per transaction.   Other times, a discount rate will be assessed. 

In any event, rates for electronic check processing will always be less than cards.

Rescue Sales with Echecks

Card transactions are frequently declined at checkout.  Sometimes a card is expired.  Other times there is not enough money on the card to cover the payment.

When a card is declined, give your customer the option to pay by check online.  You’ll be amazed at the number of sales you will save.


Electronic checks are the most popular alternative payment method for US consumers. Millions of Americans purchase goods & services online with echecks.  

When you accept checks online, you get sales from shoppers that are maxed out on cards or who do not have cards. And many buyers prefer to purchase online with an echeck rather than a card.

It's simple. The more ways customers can buy from you, the more orders you get.

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