Get paid faster with
ACH, echecks and credit cards.

Slash payment time up to 50%.


Take Payments Through All Channels

We’ve got every channel covered

Secure eCommerce

Accept payments on your website.

Offer multiple payment options at checkout and watch your sales grow.

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Mobile Payments

More than 70% of shoppers use mobile devices when shopping online. 

Mobile apps make the buying experience seamless. 

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MOTO Payments

Enter payments through a virtual terminal. 

For buyers who prefer to order by telephone, mail, & fax. 

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Point of Sale Card Present 

High risk merchant with retail locations? 

We’ve got you covered with special programs. 

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ACH, Echecks & Card Payments

More ways to accept and make payments


  • Automatically debit payments from your customers’ bank account
  • Get your money faster
  • Perfect for both one-time and recurring payments
  • Take payments online, phone & mail 
  • Cleared funds are electronically settled to your bank account 


  • Send money to employees, vendors, affiliates and anyone else
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Recipients receive funds the same day sent
  • Save big compared to wire transfers


  • Accept phone, mail, & fax orders
  • Easy to use
  • Quick connect to secure payment site from any computer
  • Email customer receipts
  • Multi-level access protects internal security. 


  • Accept all major card brands
  • High risk merchants welcome
  • Domestic and international merchant accounts
  • High volume processing specialists


  • Unlimited number of recurring payment plans
  • Customers pay on a regular basis
  • Stabilizes cash flow
  • Convenient for customers


  • Mobile payment applications
  • Accept orders from smart phones & tablets
  • Fast growing payment preference for millions of shoppers


  • Send invoices / Receive payments
  • One-time or recurring payments
  • Email customer receipts
  • Import or integrate account receivables
  • Quickbooks integration


  • Fully compliant Level 1 PCI-DSS security standards protect your business
  • Tokenization keeps processing data secure 
  • Extensive fraud fighting weapons to keep you safe
  • Account verification services reduce revokes & chargebacks

Innovative solutions ideal for high volume, high risk merchants.  And superb for businesses in all industries interested in enhancing processing capacity and improving payment acceptance.

Single source payment solutions tailored for

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Why use our payment platform?

  • Accept payments online with easy integration to your website

  • Virtual terminal for fast entry of phone, fax, & mail orders (MOTO)

  • Take payments from mobile devices to grow your customer base

  • Stabilize cash flow with recurring payments

  • Get more orders by accepting cards, ACH, & echecks

  • Use same day ACH to pay vendors, employees, affiliates fast

  • Safe, Secure PCI Level 1 processing exceeds the most stringent Security Standards

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